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Move your fingers, guiding directions, Gyro accompanies you in an extraordinary life. Life, at all times, choice, it’s everywhere. To the left or right? There are endless choices in life, are you ready? It’s happy time! Party time! Trouble time! Puzzle time! Spin it, spin your worries away! Spin it, spin your boredom away! Gyro accompanies you to explore the possibilities in life, lives extraordinarily.

DotFuns takes the traditional gyro plus the fun of model assembly and has it designed into a unique and simple DIY innovative product. You can spin it with fingers, without adhesive; with its simple design Gyro can be easily assembled. For the first time, DotFuns launches a product with four different themed scenarios for you to play. Each theme is designed with 20 different games; whether it is the exciting punishment at a Party, Couple’s intimacy game, interaction among fellow colleagues in the office, or today’s Destiny, you can get an answer by spinning Gyro! It is fun to mix games at will, letting you and your friend create new games together. The package is designed with special functions. Each part is for a better use; it is not only environmental friendly but also a collector’s item!

Additionally, we ingeniously turn wasted DIY parts into a house for Gyro, known as “Gyro House,” Gyro House becomes not only a pleasing decoration but also a solid castle for Gyro, allowing Gyro to spin comfortably inside the Gyro House.

Currently there are four different version of Gyro: Couple, Party, Office and Destiny matching with the color of magenta, black, white and purple for their characteristics. Each version comes with its own fun for different surprises. Try it for yourself!

Product Features:
● No adhesive
● DIY paper art craft
● Release pressure
● Create every possibility in life
● With your hands, a plane can be transformed into 3D shape
● Increase interpersonal interaction
● Four different themed games

  • Color

  • Size

    (W) 5.2 cm x (H) 2.7 cm
  • Material

    Paper, plastic
  • Patent

    China:ZL 2010 2 0215672.1
    Germany:20 2010 005 714.0
    USA patent no.:12/813,120