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Good Days Scratch-off Red Envelopes

Receiving red envelopes always brings a "good day"!
"Good Days Scratch-off Red Envelopes"
More than just patterns and styles, they are fun beyond your imagination!

※ Gathering the most common auspicious blessings
On occasions such as New Year holidays, weddings & engagements, housewarmings, and baby showers, our "Good Days Scratch-off Red Envelopes" set you free from the worries of running out of words.

※ Scratch-off x Crossword Puzzles - more fun than a red envelope
Bronzed traditional idioms will appear as you follow the instructions and scrape off the right areas. The recipient receives a customized, innovative blessing from a classy friend

  • Color

  • Size

    (W) 9* (L) 18 cm
  • Material

    paper, plastic