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【oopsticking-season funs】sticky notes-new year

According to legend, a horrific monster known as the Nian,
Wakes up on Chinese New Year from its year-long slumber,
To prey upon townspeople living below the mountains.
It has the head of a lion, with a horn on its forehead,
A scale-covered body, in the shape of a tiger,
Its roar quakes the earth, and shakes the mountains.
Here comes the Nian! What should I do?
Fold it! Stand them side by side!
Little Nians are at your service,
To bring you wealth and prosperity!

Season funs sticky notes – Chinese New Year Edition,
With its unique and creative stand-up feature,
You can fold the Nian figures upright,
to liven up your desk with some fun and festivity!

Every scribble is a joy,
Every memo brings a smile,
Every posting is full of surprises!

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    paper, plastic