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【Ticking Dream】Travel funs My travel notebook

A travel notebook with a stylish bag
keeps your backpacking well-organized and smooth.

The notebook collects your travel plans
and wonderful memories altogether.
Each one is filled with unknown and beautiful trip episodes.

Understand your dreams and thoughts>

*Stylish book Jacket
The book jacket is a stylish and eye-catching bag so that you may carry things easily and travel leisurely.

*Daily schedule post-it
The daily schedule post-it is sticky on one side so that you may carry and use it super easily and repeatedly.

*Step by Step Travel notebook
Make good use of the forms to plan your trips well before you set off.

*Blank notebook pages
Scribble, draw, write, or stick your memories freely on blank notebook pages in your own favorite style.

*Collect all your precious memories
The book jacket can be reused. Therefore, you may buy the notebook solely for your next trip.

  • Color

  • Size

    (W)14 x (L)25 x (D)1.4 cm
  • Material