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【Ticking Dream】Baby funs

Welcome to the world

Dedicated to new mothers around the world, and the new life they bring!

Baby funs illustration booklet, frog and lotus pouches

From the beauty in pregnancy
Through the triumphs of first steps
Store all your beautiful memories with Baby funs!

In a generation full of smartphone apps, social networks and cloud storage solutions, our ways of storing memories have been forever altered. Baby funs helps record all things: from early pregnancy through infancy, many of the “first experiences” mean the world to both toddlers and parents. Let Baby funs record all of these memories and make them timeless moments to be remembered forever!

Baby funs includes:

Notebook pouch
Shaped like a frog, this zipper-sealed pouch holds a small notebook for jotting down loving notes you leave your babies.

Lotus leaf pouch
Paired with the notebook pouch, this pouch is designed to hold everything related to a baby, such as baby teeth, the positive pregnancy test stick, lanugo, etc.

Frog illustration notebook
This unique illustration booklet uses a cutesy gray scale storyline
To describe traditional Chinese cultures regarding newborns
Using simple supporting texts to make observing traditions fun and easy!

Post-it shopping reminders
Our post-it shopping lists are lined with a unique multi-usage adhesive to help remind you of the important things that are needed at home!

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